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E-Shred Document Destruction Paper Shredding Services
E-Shred Document Destruction Paper Shredding Services
E-Shred – Trusted, Reliable and Committed

E-Shred is one of the region’s fastest growing document destruction companies serving South eastern Michigan (including Detroit, Southfield, Farmington, Flint, Lansing, Clinton Township, Warren and other cities). We are dedicated to helping you protect identities by securing and destroying private information, while helping you keep the world a better place to live. Call today to see how we can provide your business or organization with cost-effective document shredding solutions.

"E-Shred secure, Confidential and Reliable On-Site Document Destruction"

On Site Document Destruction Process

Our secure document destruction process begins with locked containers that are strategically placed throughout your organization. Our state-of-the-art mobile on-site trucks arrive on-time to shred your documents and don’t leave your premises until the task is done. Upon completion, we provide you with a certificate of destruction for your records. The final step – all of your shredded documents are processed for recycling.

E-Shred Onsite Document Destruction Process :: Secure Mobile Shredding in the Detroit, Southfield, Farmington Area .

Document Shredding – Now More Than Ever

E-Shred Document Destruction BinHIPPA, FACTA, the Gramm/Leach/Bliley Act, the Privacy Act, the Economic Espionage Act, trade secret protections and other identity theft laws – these are just some of the regulations that protect personal information and combat identity theft. Non-compliance with many of these regulations can translate into increased legal risk for your company.

E-Shred helps you stay compliant with secure, dependable document destruction.  Protect your sensitive information.

We incorporate the highest level of security, customer service and environmental responsibility to help safeguard your reputation. 
We do it it while you watch in your parking lot so you know it is secure.